Craighead County Election Commissioner talks vote returns delays

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – The Craighead County Election Commission attributes slow voter returns during the general election to a technical glitch within the voting system used by the Commission.

"When we were trying to enter in the Lake City information we realized that it was actually subtracting instead of adding," said Craighead County Election Commissioner Scott McDaniel.

Commissioners are not sure what caused the system work incorrectly.

The issue set the commissioners back by about two hours, but they wanted to make sure the all numbers were correct before they released them.

"We had a tech support person there. They were great. We worked with the tech support people over the phone as well and we were able to more or less get to the bottom of the problem by roughly around 9:30," McDaniel said.

"What I want everybody to realize is there were no integrity issues. It was just that we were not going to release bad numbers and put that information out there. I know there's always some controversy and concerns about electronic voting, but there's no issues. This was simply us erring on the side of caution and wanting to make sure that good numbers went out there."

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