Incoming County Clerk speaks on election win and future of office

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - After 14 years as Craighead County Clerk, Nancy Nelms will no longer hold the title. Green Party candidate, Kade Holliday beat the Democratic Incumbent with 62% of the votes.

"Honestly, it was amazement at first. I didn't expect to win as big as we did win. That was a big landslide victory," Holliday said. "Really it's just now finally sinking in that it's actually reality."
Now incoming County Clerk, Holliday said winning the Craighead County Clerk position was something he worked hard for.
"I knew it was going to be an uphill battle the entire time," Holliday explained. He told Region 8 News that he worked every day up until elections to get his name out there.
"Trying to get the word out that there was another candidate. For so long, no one knew that anyone was running."
He said he made it known that he wanted the position when issues in the clerk's office came to light. Holliday said he's qualified to make sure those same problems don't happen again.
"Well, I've got my education. I've got my Bachelor's Degree at ASU in corporate finance and then I got my Masters in business administration," he told Region 8 News. Holliday said he'd planned on getting his PhD in corporate finance. "However, once I heard about the issues I thought, I really need to make sure these issues don't happen again in Craighead County." 
He said he'll be able to do so through training programs he's currently going through and his real world experience and studies at ASU
"I think those have really taught me how to lead a team and reach a goal and that goal is to make sure Craighead County never has these problems again and is the best County Clerk's office in Arkansas."
Though he says he hopes none of the IRS problems from 2012 come up again during his term, he's prepared for them if they do.
"Some issues from 2012 may creep up. It seems there's a lag between the IRS actually getting everything. We want to make sure that doesn't happen again through electronic filing and other various means."
Holliday beat Nelms by 7,006 votes. With over 18,500 Craighead County voters voting in his favor. 
Nelms had held the position since 1999.
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