Good Stuff!

Another weekend is upon us! After a very busy week I know I am thankful for a great job, wonderful family, and living in a free country. I am working hard to bring you the next segment of Baby It Up. Wednesday afternoon's interview with a panel of doctors and nurses from NEA Baptist turned out well. They all care so much about you as the patient, I was very impressed!

One of the obstetricians said (and I paraphrase here), "Let us do the driving and you focus on the fun stuff: reading good books about being a mom, nesting, getting your friends involved and enjoying this time in your life." That rang SO true; they are the experts after all! I really enjoyed having a conversation with that group and learned a lot.

As I'm piecing together what you guys want to know, I've also gotten some great feedback. Just yesterday someone gave me a wonderful idea for Baby It Up and I really look forward to pursuing it next month! That's what I want from you guys…anything you can think of that maybe I'm over looking or do not know about—being a first-time mom.

Baby It Up over the weekend!