Police give tips to parents on how to stay safe when sex offenders fail to register

Arthur Crossland (Source: Provided by Paragould Police Dept.)
Arthur Crossland (Source: Provided by Paragould Police Dept.)

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) – Paragould Police arrest a convicted sex offender for failure to register since 2005.

According to Paragould Police, 54-year-old Arthur Crossland was arrested on suspicion to failure to comply with sex offender registration.

Police say he last updated his information and last known address in 2005.

According to Arkansas Crime Information Center's Registered Sex Offender Database, Crossland is a level 3 sex offender and was convicted in 1999 for sexual solicitation of a child.

His last known address in 2005 was 1300 East Walnut, Paragould.

In May, Paragould Police sent out an alert that they were searching for Crossland. In May Paragould Police Corporal Jack Hailey said, "Registered sex offenders reporting to law enforcement agencies is one of the issues officers often deal with. The biggest thing is to find out whether they are living there. If they're just visiting there, then it might be a case of where we say, 'You can't be here. You need to go to your house, or you need to stay away from here."

With resources like the internet, tracking down registered sex offenders is easy for parents. But the questions many parents ask: what happens when they fail to update their information?

Paragould Police Officer Brad Snyder says even with all the information they can find on the internet about sex offenders, they should keep and an eye out for their children.

"Know where your kids are at know what they're doing." Snyder said. "Times have changed. This isn't 1950's 'Leave it to Beaver' anymore. Society is different."

He says you see many predators using social media to search for their next victim. "Keep tabs on what [you're children] are doing and physically know where they're at," He suggests.

When sex offenders don't register or update their information, Snyder says the Paragould Police do their best to keep the community and neighborhoods aware of that information.  "He try to notify folks via our website. This is who we're looking for, this is why we're looking for them."

"I would say about a year ago a sex offender moved into our neighborhood and the police department did come around and hand out flyers to all the neighbors letting us know." said Janesa Drake.  She says police keep her and her neighbors update about a sex offender in their neighborhood.

She says its frustrating as a parent when they are not rightfully given that information. "I think its wrong if they don't register.  We need to be aware of that." She said.

Even with all the information available at her fingertips, she still keeps a close watch on her children at all times. "I watch my kids really close and try to keep in tune with what is going on in my neighborhood and with my kids."

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