Region 8 students donate flag to vets family for Veterans Day

HARRISBURG, AR (KAIT) – Harrisburg Elementary celebratedVeterans Day a little early with an appreciation ceremony on Friday.

Students worked for a year to raise money topurchase an "Honor and Remember" flag.

The students gave that flag to the Brooksfamily Friday in honor of their son, Staff Sgt. Paul F. Brooks.

Brooks' mother, Barbara Brooks, said she isproud and honored by the students gift. "This is a small school, in a small town, doing a huge thing."

"I think it's just themost wonderful thing that anyone has ever done for us since this happened. Forthese kids to go out and collect money and present my parents with a flag in honor of my brother is just more thananybody could ask for." his sister, Nikki Winn, said.

Students raised enoughmoney to purchase two flags.  The secondwill hang at the school.

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