Christmas Shoppers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Every year it seems that Christmas shopping starts earlier and earlier. This year big box stores, places like Wal-Mart are opening up their doors on Thanksgiving night.

For some people, the 8pm door openings on Thanksgiving won't interfere with their usual Christmas shopping routine.

"Usually my husband and I do our Christmas shopping online on Amazon we get wish lists from our family and friends and do most of our shopping there," said Amy Murphy.

She said she'd rather avoid an early alarm and the early bird shoppers.

"I am not a morning person and I don't like crowds so I avoid that we usually do online shopping and I go in the evenings after work sometimes."

For others, holiday shopping starts with looking for ads and making a list ahead of time.

I really watch a lot of the ads and see what's on sale I usually make my list way ahead of time and then start shopping for who I know I want to buy for and something they really want," said Carol Barnhill

Barnhill said she won't be shopping at the big box stores, she'd rather take her business elsewhere.

"I want to shop locally for the other people that have a lot of things out there especially the shops and things people make here in town those to me are a lot more personal."

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