I haven't hit that stage yet, though I do have the general design of the nursery picked out. I would love to get in there and get it all painted but first I have to get the old office cleaned out. BY me I mean my husband. He used to work from home and we still have all the components of a good home office intact. Hopefully that gets done soon.

Apparently the nesting effect can really impact some women early on. I hope it hits soon. Maybe I've just been too busy to notice? Kind of like cravings. I keep getting asked about any cravings and I haven't noticed any—yet. Then again, all the leftover Halloween candy is gone. Long gone, in fact. I think I polished that off faster than a 6th grader can run the 50-yard dash.

Instead of nesting I think I'll try burrowing in a down comforter by the fire this afternoon. Brrrr! It has gotten chilly. That's another thing I haven't noticed yet—hot flashes. I'm supposed to get and/or be really hot all the time.  Well…it just hasn't happened yet.  Every pregnancy is different, and I'm obviously missing a lot of the check on that stereotypical list!

Stay warm and baby it up!