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Gun shop reports record sales since election


People in Metro Atlanta are making a run on guns.

"Guns are like gold, they only increase in value," said Chris Santia, a self-described gun enthusiast.

Santia went to Adventure Outdoors on Tuesday to pick up the handgun he won during an election day raffle at the Symrna.

"It was a Glock 22 Generation 3. It is a 40 caliber. It's a great firearm. I actually have a Glock 19, it is very similar but it is a bigger caliber but it is an awesome gun," Santia said.

According to experts, since the election, gun sales in Metro Atlanta have soared.

Eric Wallace, the manager and co-owner of Adventure Outdoors, told CBS Atlanta News that he's seen a large increase in the number of people wanting to purchase firearms.

"Normally on a Wednesday, for example, we would have probably 600 or 700 people come through," Wallace said. "Last week we had 2,500 people come through. Saturday was a really big day for us and we expect to break records probably next weekend and through the holiday season."

While the number of guns sold nationally after the election were not yet available, experts said it appears that the increase in gun sales is a repeat of what happened in 2008 after President Barack Obama was elected the first time.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the FBI conducted nearly 98,000 firearms background checks on Nov. 28, 2008. That's the third-highest number of background checks ever recorded in a single day.

That same year, the FBI conducted 12.7 million background checks. In 2007 it conducted 11.2 million and the numbers have been climbing ever since.

"So many new people are getting into our business now, the shooting range is actually full," Wallace said. "A lot more ladies getting involved."

Some gun buyers told CBS Atlanta News that they fear what will happen to the country under the president's leadership. Others are concerned about an increase in crime.

Santia said people should take it easy.

"People that rush out just because something big changes, other than a zombie apocalypse, there is no need for a gun craze," he said.

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