Store covering van with coins for unusual fundraiser

HIGHLAND, AR (KAIT) – Remember the old saying – see a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck?

Well, a local convenient store hopes more people pocket the change and then pay it forward for an unusual fundraiser.

The Red Mule Food Mart in Highland is trying to cover a passenger van with pennies, but progress has been slow.

Coins only cover the area above the front driver-side tire and part of the hood right now.

Once the van is covered, however, the store plans to auction it off and donate the proceeds to the New Beginnings Pregnancy Center in Ash Flat.

Amy Torosyan, the store's owner, says it's easy for people to get involved.

"The van is always parked here (in front of the store), and we have the glue provided also," Torosyan said, "so all they need to do is just stop by, make a wish and stick some pennies on the van. That's all they need to do."

Torosyan says she got this idea after learning about a similar project online.

To glue on a penny or donate some change to the cause, simply visit the Red Mule Food Mart, located at 1706 E. Highway 62 in Highland, Ark.

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