Second Segment for Baby It Up!

Today during Region 8 News at 5 we air the second segment of Baby It Up. This evening you hear from two doctors and two nurses. I had such a hard time editing this piece because everything they said, all the questions they answered was so helpful, I wish I didn't have to pack the best into 2 minutes! I know you'll find what they have to say really informative. One of the other moms here at the station said, "I wish I had been able to watch some of this when I was pregnant, because I didn't know what to do sometimes!"

Yesterday, we invited two mothers to the studio to talk to us about loss during pregnancy and loss of a baby. I believe these two women were wonderfully courageous and strong to share their stories with you. We will air that interview next Wednesday. I'm glad for the week to edit it; this is such an emotional piece, full of important things for you to hear. If you are struggling with—or have already gone through this loss—you're not alone. These women tell you that. I really hope you find what they had to say inspiring ad hopeful. They share hope.

I'm off to fill the Food Bank today! Come by Kroger in Jonesboro until 6:30 PM and bring us your canned goods, non-perishable items, or cash donations. Any little bit will help the NEA Food Bank feed families for the holidays and get them through the beginning of next year.

Baby it up, y'all!