St. Bernards hosts diabetes awareness program

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Million of Americans are walkingaround with a deadly disease and don't even know it.  A Region 8 Hospital is working to keepresidents informed about diabetes.

November is NationalDiabetes Awareness Month.

To help shed light on theproblem, St. Bernards Health and Wellness Institute hosted alunch-and-learn on Friday.

Participants learned warning signs, how to treat diabetes, and what nondetection can lead to.

"Diabetes affects a lot of things in our bodies.  Our vision, our kidneys, our nerves, ourheart." Melissa Ward, Coordinator for the Diabetes Management Center at St.Bernards.

Ward says some classic signs are increasedfatigue, thirst, vision changes and frequent urination.

She adds that through education anddetection, people can control diabetes.

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