Memphis airport will no longer confiscate Elvis Presley snow globes

(WMC-TV) - Elvis won't have to leave the building anymore, if he's inside a snow globe that is.

As many as 30 Elvis Presley snow globes are confiscated in Memphis International Airport Security lines every month.

But snow globes are safe now, due to changes in passenger screening.

The "snow globe" rule allows items with less than 3.4 ounces of liquid to be stored in a plastic bag and placed in a carry-on.

The Transportation Safety Administration announced new check-in procedures for Memphis International Airport Thursday.

The TSA says on any given day this holiday season, as many as 8,000 to 10,000 travelers will go through the security checkpoints at the Memphis airport.

They offered up some tips for travelers to make the security checkpoints easier.

To start, a newly expanded Checkpoint B at MIA allows for double the space.

From four to eight security checkpoints, the TSA says they have accelerated the process.

TSA also announced modified procedures for passengers 12 and younger and 75 and older.

"Now that doesn't eliminate the possibility for a pat-down but it does expedite the screening process for those folks," said TSA Federal Security Director Kevin McCarthy.

Passengers who are prepared will help streamline their experience.

As always, do not travel with wrapped packages, arrive at least 90 minutes before your flight, and remember that food items, such as cakes and pies, may require further inspection.

Keep in mind there is now a MyTSA app for your smartphone providing 24/7 access to TSA information.

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