Opinions differ on death of 16-year-old burglary suspect

(WMC-TV) - Some people don't know how to feel about the community holding a vigil for a suspected burglar, but those who knew Teveon Reed said he was just with the wrong crowd.

"Wrong people at the wrong time," said friend Christopher Harps.

Classmates of Reed said he should have been at school Friday morning around 11 a.m.
Instead police said 20-year-old Cory Buford, 16-year-old Teveon Reed, and 14-year-old Kyle Baptiste were involved in an attempted burglary on Copper Valley Drive.

"I feel like if I was there he would still be here, because I would've stopped him from doing that," said Harps.

Friend Octavius Vester said Reed should not have been shot.

"He could have just pulled it out and scared them," said Vester.

Although friends said Reed was a good kid, his Facebook page paints a different picture.
He is seen with other boys pointing guns and throwing gang signs.

"We work too hard and basically it needs to stop," said Southeast Memphis resident
Shaun McGawon.

McGowan is a homeowner in the Southeast Memphis subdivision and said there has been a recent rash in break-ins where televisions and other electronics were stolen.

"You can't break in someone's house and there not be a consequence," said McGawon.

A memorial Facebook page was created for Reed and Saturday friends gathered to remember him with a vigil.

"I saw where some lady said 'that's what he gets because he broke in my house too' but he didn't deserve to die like that," said Vester.

As the community reacts to a situation, some said could have been avoided - many have mixed emotions.

"We all get along over here. We just need to keep a better eye on our kids. Just point blank," said McGawon.

Police said the case is an ongoing investigation.

Since Reed and Baptiste are minors Action News 5 could not check to see if they had arrests records but 20-year-old Corey Buford has a criminal history including drug possession.

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