November's Teacher of the Month

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – For nearly ten years, students at the Jonesboro Kindergarten Center have been learning the basics from Mrs. Angie Jones, November's Teacher of the Month.

Jones was nominated by one of her students after making it so easy for her to transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten.

"I knew that (I wanted to be a teacher) from early on. I had great teachers throughout my whole childhood," said Jones.

Jones said she molded her teaching methods after watching teachers interact with other students. She knew she wanted to be a teacher since before high school. She said high school and college teachers helped her reinforce her dream.

"You could make mistakes and that was okay in her class. She had high expectations as well, so I loved everything about her," said Jones, speaking of one former teacher. "It's okay to make mistakes. I make mistakes. I show them (students) my mistakes and we just as a whole, we learn together really well."

You can take one look at Mrs. Jones' classroom during the day and see how eager children are to learn. She used the 2012 General Election to teach students how to count ballots by using tally marks, electing one student as class president.

"You can't go wrong with five and six year olds. They make your life great," said Jones. "Everything we learn here in kindergarten, they need. They use no matter what profession they choose. They will use everything that they learn here."

While it's a lot of fun for the students, Jones said it's important to remember how short on time she is. She only has a set period of time before her students move on to the first grade.

"You don't have enough time in the day to do everything that you need to do, so you just make the most of your time and make it well spent," said Jones. "They're willing to do anything I ask of them. If they can't do it, we've built a relationship where they know we're not going to fail in here. We may not make it the first time, but we will get it."

Jones is allowed to leave school at 3:15 each school day, but she says she hasn't been able to leave on time very often.

"I can be the one that gives them every opportunity that could enhance the rest of their life," said Jones, who also connected her family life to her work. "When I'm working late, he (my husband) is able to take care of my children, and that helps a lot knowing that I can do two things I love more than anything, have my own family and have my family here at school."

Jones also brings in JHS football players and cheerleaders to serve as mentors to her students. She says some of her former students have come in to read stories to the kids.

"My philosophy is just to give everyone a safe environment to learn in, a loving, caring environment and just to have high standards for them all," said Jones. "It's just to give everybody the same education. You just have to know your children very well. You have to know where they're at."

Jones said she's honored to be November's Teacher of the Month.

"I work very hard at my job. My main goal is to treat every child I have in here like, I have two boys of my own, and I just teach every child no matter their abilities like I would like my child to be treated," said Jones.

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