A week of Thanks: Family

Yesterday, I got to spend time with my momma and a wonderful woman from my hometown. We had such a great time at the Holiday Symphony House. The Delta Symphony Orchestra and its benefactors did a wonderful job this year from the holiday décor to the great singers and performers. I'm ready to break out the Christmas decorations this weekend.

Last week, I told you I'd make this week about thanks. Today I am thankful for my parents, sister, and brother who are all supportive in their own and different ways. While we all live in different places, I'm glad to see them when I can and talk to them more! I am definitely looking forward to spending time with my extended family on Thursday. My aunts and uncles and cousins are all such a gregarious and fun-loving bunch. I'm thankful for spending time with them on Thanksgiving.  And Aunt Becky's rolls. They are ah-mazing!