Tonight's Story and Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you. Today you get a two-fer Thanksgiving post. I am thankful for exceptional co-workers. Everyone on the morning crew is supportive, works hard, and my, do we have fun during GMR8. If you need anything you can bet that one of the crew will step up and lend a hand. We are a great team, and that is something for which I am truly grateful.

I am also thankful that I have had a healthy pregnancy so far and know so many women who have had healthy, happy babies and deliveries (minus a few cuss words and screams of pain, ya know…).  That may all change for me, something I pray does not happen as I enter the third trimester.

Tonight on Region 8 News at 5, you hear two women tell their stories of loss during pregnancy. As one woman says, "I lost one kind of at the beginning and one at the end. They're both just as hard." These women were very brave and kind to tell their story. They hope that one woman out there struggling with loss can know they are not alone. I was actually so impressed with these two women that we split their interview into two parts. The first will air tonight, as they tell their story of loss. The second part will air next Wednesday as they talk about coping and perhaps offer insight on how they are healing today.

In case I don't get to post tomorrow, I want to wish you and you're a very Happy Thanksgiving. How wonderful that we live in a country where we celebrate days of thanks, grace, and love.