Local Author Writes "Groundbreaking Work"

            It is being called groundbreaking, a one of a kind work, and something that will set the standard in the industry.  The book it entitled, “The Amphibians and Reptiles of Arkansas,” and the author lives right here in Region 8.

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            For the past twenty years Arkansas State University professor Stan Trauth has worked to complete the book.  Inside there is information on every reptilian or amphibian species living in Arkansas.  The book even includes a small section on non-native species.  While the book will serve as an important tool in the scientific community, Dr. Trauth says the public can appreciate the book as well.


            “There are several things that were included in this book that makes it unique from and other herpelogical guides,” Trauth says, “There are 137 species and sub-species covered in the book.”  Trauth had help in researching all the species.  Two other authors are listed on the books cover.  One thing Traugh is excited about is the availability of pictures throughout the guide to help in distinguishing species and making the book more interesting.  “There are over 540 photos in the book so it will appeal to the public,” Trauth says.


            The book is now available in most book stores in the area along with many on-line sites.  Trauth will begin a month long book tour next month which will take him to Blytheville, Mountain Home, and other cities across Arkansas.  The book retails at stores for 45 dollars.