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Deciding whether the Black Friday deals are worth it

Let the countdown begin. Black Friday comes early this year, actually more like Black Thursday as many stores are opening earlier than ever.

But, how do you know if you're really getting a good deal?

Even to the most seasoned shopper, Black Friday can be mind boggling.

With so many ads, door busters, and staggered sales times you have to ask it worth it?

"On Black Friday I will be home in my bed," said Gladys Young. For some people, there is no way they are venturing out into the shopping madness.

"I don't think you get good deals," said Young. "Just a way to bait people to come in the store, and Lord help me if someone would snatch something from me."

Others say they wouldn't miss it. "It's fun, I'm used to it haven't done anything but that," said Ellyncia Haywood.

"It's the mad rush, the adrenaline of getting what you want and the cheap prices," said Meyeretta Clifton.

Are the items really actually that cheap?

"I would think you could save 50% or more," said Amy Woodall.

Woodall is a local couponing and shopping expert who says it's worth it, but do your homework.

"Some of these stores offer really dramatic drops in prices in things like electronics, could be worth going Black Fridaying," said Woodall.

She recommends you check out coupon blogs, and other websites to help you decide whether it's worth your time and money.

According to there are some items you might want to avoid on Black Friday.

Those include office supplies, jewelry and watches, winter apparel, Christmas decor, and even some toys-saying the 14-day range before Christmas is the best time to score a good deal on toys.

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