Black Thursday & Friday hits Region 8

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) – Traffic was heavy all across Jonesboro late into Thanksgiving night as people, young and old, tried to get a great deal.

At the Walmart on Highland, you couldn't find a place to park as sales started at 8pm and again at 10pm. While business was picking up at Walmart, hundreds of people lined the sidewalk at Sears. The same could be said at Best Buy, Kohl's and Target.

"I'm here for the 40 inch Toshiba. I'm saving a couple hundred, roughly a couple hundred dollars," said Drake Merritt.

Merritt, a college freshman, said he got in line at Best Buy at 3:30am, beating the next person to arrive by two hours. He was the first person in line.

"They ran out of TV's five (people) before me," said Merritt, who tried to get a television last year. "We knew we were going to come out here anyway, so we might as well be first."

Merritt said he saved $250 by waiting in line to purchase his big ticket item. He said he slept, walked and thought a lot during his wait. Best Buy opened their doors at midnight.

Others hit the stores much earlier than midnight. Kerri Jones said she spent ten minutes inside K-Mart.

"We came out here probably ten minutes ago, came out here straight inside and got what we needed and we're on our way," said Jones, who said her next stop was Kohl's or Old Navy. "Typically I do my online shopping. I don't want to mess or fight with the crowds, so I just came out to see what it was all about and I saw at Walmart earlier what it was all about and it was long lines and full buggies and a lot more than what I bargained for."

Jones purchased two sweaters for Christmas gifts.

"I would probably do it again, but I guess I'll probably have to get out a little bit earlier because I'm not a pro at it," said Jones. "Usually we try to beat the crowd and stay at home or we go out the next day after Black Friday or we do online shopping."

Some customers used different strategies. For example, some women used walkie talkies to communicate while inside the store. Others used their cells phones to tell the other "teammate" what they've got in the cart.

"It's something to do on Thanksgiving night. There's not really anything else to do," said Ashley Kellems. "I've only done it one other year. I did it last year, but I didn't buy very much. I was kind of scared of it."

The holiday season is here. Gear up for the garland, and the long lines.

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