Coping with Loss

I hope you have been touched by the stories of Heidi and Crystal. These two women were very kind to share their stories of loss with Baby It Up as well as to offer some insight and advice to anyone who may be experiencing the same loss.  Jill Crews, the Share Hope coordinator, said that everyone's grief is different and you should know you are not alone.

Share Hope is part of the NEA Baptist Charitable foundation. The mission of this group is to help women and families touched by tragedy of loss in pregnancy, a still birth, or losing a child in the first months of life.  A support group is part of this organization. The support group meets the third Thursday of every month at 6:30PM at 1835 Grant Ave in Jonesboro.  Here is a link to their website:

The support group is there to help you know you are not alone in this deep sea of grief and mourning. You have a support net in your family, and in Share Hope. If you have experienced loss of pregnancy or an infant know how much I and others care for you and your family. Talking with someone, taking that step toward healing will come. Eventually it does get easier. The sun may shine a little brighter one day and you may find you are able to laugh freely. While you may not think it now, there is hope.