Families Helping Families This Holiday Season

GREENE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - With Christmas quickly approaching, Greene County Tech Primary School is making sure every child in their school district wakes up Christmas morning with presents under their tree.

"There were parents and families coming in saying they needed help with Christmas they weren't going to be able to provide their kids with Christmas," said Social Worker, Robin Williams

Williams, along with Parent Involvement Coordinator, Rebecca Murray, began helping one family at a time.

"We take referrals from anyone who thinks they know someone who may not have a Christmas," said Williams.

Although, Williams works with the elementary and primary schools, she plans to help not only those children but their siblings as well.

"It's around 200 kids because if you have a child in this building and we adopt that child out then were going to take care of any children you have in the rest of the buildings as well were not going to just buy for that one child if you have four kids from junior high and up and they have one in this building were going to take care of those four as well," explained Williams.

The Christmas adoption is always a humbling experience and every year her mission is the same.

"That when I wake up with my kids on Christmas morning I did not want to have to worry and think oh I wish I could have taken care of little Johnny for Christmas this year. I have not woke up one Christmas morning and to my knowledge every child that has been brought to my attention has had gifts," said Williams.

If you are interested in adopting a child this holiday season, contact Robin Williams or Rebecca Murray at (870) 236-6439.

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