Site Development Plans for Proposed Shopping Mall Could Be Approved As Soon As Tuesday

July 9, 2004 - Posted at: 7:00p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- An announcement about The Mall at Turtle Creek was made nearly 4 months ago, but machines still aren't moving on the property yet.

Co-developer Bruce Burrow couldn't comment on progression of the project. Jonesboro Planning Coordinator Brian Wadley explained that tying up loose ends sometimes take longer than expected when it comes to a project this size: 100 stores inside a 673,525 square feet building on 72.97 acres.

He said, "I think we're like you, we would've thought that it would have been started sometime in June as well, but it'll get kicked off pretty soon I believe."

One such joint project is the extension of Matthews Avenue south. It would create a back entrance to the shopping center. Traffic signals are still being designed for the three main entrances.

"With the relocation of the creek; with the agreement with the city to do certain improvements to some adjacent streets, I think that has just taken some time," added Wadley.

A retention pond will be constructed, and the location and shape of Turtle Creek will be changed. The bottom will be widened to 35 feet, and the steep vertical sides will be sloped.

"So that it could be mowed and maintained much like a yard," explained Brian Wadley.

As for the other mall in Jonesboro, John Wommack told K8 News last week that Southern Hills Mall is still in the works. He believes there will only be one mall in Jonesboro, and that his family's project shouldn't be ruled out.

As far as Brian Wadley knows, the Planning and Inspection office hasn't received any updated site plans from The Wommacks in about 15 months.

Wadley added, "So I'm really not sure where they're at on their project. I do know that one of our inspectors had mentioned the fact that Wednesday of this week, there was some equipment on the sight."

Developers of the other proposed mall are confident equipment will soon be rolling near the namesakes of Turtle Creek. Members of the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission will meet on Tuesday at 7:00p.m. in the Huntington Building in Jonesboro. It's expected that they will make a decision on whether to approve the plans that night.