Phone scam hits Greene County

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)- If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Some residents have contacted the Greene County Sheriff's Department about a Publisher Clearing House scam over the phone.

Betty Day of Paragould received a phone call from a man claiming he was with the Publishers Clearing House. He told her she had won 1.5 million dollars and a brand new car.

"He said this is John Tickerman from publisher clearing house and you've been awarded 1.5 million dollars and a brand new car," said Day.

But there was a catch, Day had to pay a fee of $500.00 to receive the money and the car and that's when she says she began to do a little investigating.  She told Tickerman she would have the money ready for him the next day.

"I said tomorrow evening about 3:30. I knew this would give me time to check the dude out," said Day.

She called Police to see if there had been any calls, similar to the one she received.

"I just want to know if there are more people in town getting these calls because  they need to be warned," explained Day.

When Tickerman continued to call her about having the money ready, she had a few tactics of her own.

"Read scriptures or pray for them hey that does the trick," said Day.

She said she played along as long as she could to find out more information on Tickerman to warn the community.

"I just kept leading him a long because I just kept thinking the more information I got the more you could put in and people could be warned of it," said/

Day told Region 8 News that it was important to her that she got the word out about the scam. And as far as her brand new car and money, she told us she is still waiting.

"And that's the last we've heard of him, I still haven't got my money and my new car," exclaimed Day.

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