First Tractor Auction in Waldenburg Is a Big Success

July 10, 2004--Posted at 6:00p.m. CDT

WALDENBURG--Over 200 antique tractors and other pieces of farm equipment from the mid 1930's auctioned off today attracted several hundred people to Waldenburg.

Trevelyn, and his wife Dorothy Zander, traveled to Waldenburg for the tractor auction.

"To hear the auctioneer giving a little pep talk and getting people excited, and I enjoy it very much,"said Zander.

New and used equipment was displayed as both buyers and sellers were looking for that perfect piece of priceless equipment.

For most people these auctions are big business, but for others they say it's just the thrill of finding that one piece of equipment they have been looking for.

I always say I'm not going to buy anything, but I see something I like, and I end up buying it.

The Zanders are veterans of tractor auctions.

"It is fun to see the old tractors that were in use in the fields when I was a kid, and to hear the poppin' Johnny....pop, pop, pop. It's a real thrill,"said Zanders.

It's still early in the auction, and the Zanders are already going home with a piece of history.

"I bought a horse drawn thingy. I didn't start out liking tractors or rusty lumpy things, but you know you come to these things and the guys are into it, and you start thinking, a girl could have a little piece of it. I may put a flower pot,"said Zanders.

For work or play, this auction appears to be quite a big success.