Shape Up Showdown Contestants learn how to survive the holidays

Shape up showdown
JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's what many look forward to all year long, the holidays.  It's that time you spend with friends, family, and of course the big meal.  But how do you make sure the full spread of food, doesn't spread your waistline.  We will give you the skinny.
Have you ever thought about how much weight the average person gains over the holidays?  There are so many temptations.  But believe it our not, from November 1st to January 1st it's usually about 10 to 15 pounds.  It's so easy to put on and hard to take off.
"We are eating the typical American diet.  It's not because we're weird or we over eat and don't have any will power.  We're just doing what 67% of other Americans are doing because they have a weight problem too.  You're just choosing the wrong foods," said Health Educator Karan Summitt.
You may think it's just one piece of fudge or just a glass of egg nog.  But it's often that mindless eating that gets you in trouble during the holidays.  So, our Shape up Showdown Contestants filled up on healthy holiday eating tips.
I decide to talk to the guys.  Typically this time of year...."It's all about the food.  The hunting trips are about the food.  The holidays to me it about the food," said 34-year-old Stephen B.
But for a lot of people, it's just tradition to submit to the temptation.  "I was at my moms and that's probably where I struggle the most because when she cooks, she cooks enough for an entire army.  It's momma's cooking (laughing)." said Stephen B.
So going into Thanksgiving this year, Stephen's plan was portion control.  "I just had more white space on my plate this time.  It's been good to me.  Up to this point I've lost 20 pounds through the holiday.  So, it's working," said Stephen B.
But Stephen isn't the only one in good standings after Thanksgiving.  For the first time this year, 36-year-old Steven E. had the whole family over.  He says everyone has been very supportive.
"Kind of watching what we're eating and cutting down.  We're both trying to keep each other in check," said Steven E.  At the class he was trying to soak in as much as he could because he's says, like a lot of men, his wife handles the cooking.  "Talked about mashed cauliflower with potatoes.  Never heard of that.  So I tried to make a mental note to tell me wife about it," said Steven E.
Steven E. says he's back doing weight training.  It's something he says he hasn't done in years.  "Knowing that I'm seeing progress.  It gives me more motivation to keep wanting to do it," said Steven E.
And the journey has only just begun.  If your wanting to tips for the holidays or maybe just learn some ways to adapt recipes to a healthier lifestyle, check out some of the substitutes and the 10 easy ways to make sure you have a healthy holiday. 
Recipe Calls For…                                                           Substitute…
1 whole egg                                                                     2 egg whites
Full Fat Milk, Sour Cream                                                  Low-fat/Fat-free variations
Cream Cheese,
Oil ½ oil and ½ applesauce
White Refined Flour ½ white and ½ whole wheat four
Sugar Splenda* or other "baking" sweetener substitute
Salt Reduce by ½ and purchase low-sodium soups/broths, etc.
Butter/Margarine Chicken Broth in vegetables
10 Tips For A Healthy Holiday 
1.  Be realistic.  Work to maintain, not lose during the holidays.
2.  Plan time for exercise.
3.  Don't skip meals.  Don't go hungry!
4.  Fill up on the fruits and vegetables FIRST!
5.  Limit your exposure to the high calorie foods.
6.  Maintain healthy eating at as many meals as possible.
7.  Take the focus off food.  Make holidays about more than just food.
8.  Bring your own healthy foods to parties.
9.  Modify recipes.
10. Pick your favorites.