Local Florists Are Preparing to Deliver Smiles

July 11, 2004--Posted at 8:30 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD-- Nearly three hundred smiles are on the way.

Monday starts "National Makes Someone Smile Week."

This is a nationwide effort to simply make someone's day.

"It's something that is special, it's something they are not receiving everyday,"said florist owner Alvin Taylor.

Several florist's around Region 8 are volunteering their time and effort making flower bouquets to be delivered to hospitals, nursing centers, and children's homes in our area on Monday.

Last year, Teleflora units delivered nearly 10,000 bouquets, and this year the florists are on their way to doubling that number.

Florist's say flowers have a language all their own, but it's a language everyone understands.

It's hard to believe that such a small token can say so much.

The size of the bouquet is not nearly important as the thought. It leaves people wondering what is it about this tiny thing, that brings so much joy?

"Flowers just seem to say I'm thinking about you, and can console you in any way,"said Margaret Abbott of Lunsford's Flower Shop.

"It's just knowing I can make it happier for someone, or a little easier for someone,"said Taylor.