Oil Trough Residents Concerned With Changing White River

JULY 12, 2004 - Posted at 7:09 a.m. CDT

OIL TROUGH, AR - Officials in the Independence County town of Oil Trough want better flood protection.  Flood waters in April from the White River came in faster than before and stayed longer, prompting town leaders to worry that a bigger flood could obliterate the town of about 220 residents.

At a recent meeting with the Army Corps of Engineers, residents said the spring flood took the community by surprise.

The White River crested at 35 feet at the lock and dam at Batesville, 4.5 feet lower than the 39.5 foot crest during the 100-year flood in 1982.

Corps officials say new levees near farms and other changes on the river could explain the flooding.  The Corps says the town can request for a new flood control study.

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