What to do with Malzahn merchandise?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Now that the Gus Bus is headed to Auburn, what will happen to the fanfare all over town that bears his name?

Hoppy Hoffman said his business won't take too much of a hit because he learned early on to focus more on the team than the coaches when supplying apparel at his store Design Shoppe.

"Actually I'm in pretty good shape. We did the initial shirt back when he was hired, and that's all I did," he said."Experience pays off. There's been shirts in the past that we've done and not even gotten to sale, so you do learn. You learn from your mistakes and you get a little bit more wise as it goes along of what to do and what not to do."

Bobby Willis, the local artist responsible for most of the ASU artwork painted on the windows of Region 8 businesses also said Gus Malzahn's departure will not affect his business because he tried to steer his clients away from the "Gus Bus" theme.

"Because of that Freeze situation the year before," he said. "If things do take a turn, when you have success, and they do leave, there are hurt feelings, and then people want the stuff off almost immediately, and it's tough for me to do that sometimes, to get them all off as quick as people want it. "

Hoffman has sold most of the 100 Malzahn shirts he had printed in Fall 2012 when Malzahn came to ASU. Of the five shirts that remain, a customer bought two of them for $1 each during his interview with Region 8 News.

He has already planned what he will do with the few that are left.

"We're just going to ship them to the back and use them for cleaning rags."

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