Greene County officials send message to debtors

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – For the second year in a row, The Greene County Treasurer's office and the Sheriff's Department have sent letters out to people, who have committed some sort of crime and have yet to pay their dues. By putting liens on state income tax refunds they expect people to pay up.

"Some people came in and just immediately paid theirs off or started making payments again and that's really what our primary purpose is, to get people started on making payments again on their obligations," said Greene County Treasurer, Debbie Cross.

After collecting money from the previous year the county was able to pay those who were rightfully owed.

"About half of the money we collected last year went to the victims and the other half approximately went to county. Some of the money that was for court cost would have gone down to little rock," said Cross.

The six million dollar debt is a product of unpaid dues.

"Some of these fines go back 15, 20 and 30 years," said Cross.

They've come across several obstacles trying to collect money from people who have yet to pay. People who have moved out of state and women who have changed their last names are just a few to mention.

"Maybe they're on disability or SSI, something along those lines. First of all they don't have the resources to pay these fines and secondly, because they don't file tax return, there's nothing that we can do to collect that money," said Cross.

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