Christmas decorations vandalized in Jonesboro

JONESBORO,AR (KAIT) – During a season meant to be merry and bright, one or possibly more are trying to darken the holiday.

According to police reports, two homes in Jonesboro have had their Christmas decorations vandalized.

Phyllis Greenway came home Wednesday to find her Christmas decorations had been vandalized

"I looked down and I noticed someone done cut my lights every bit of my lights and here they are all cut up," said Greenway

She assumed it was some sort of animal before taking a closer look.

"I thought maybe I might have stepped on a bulb, you know because it was low and then I thought it might have been a squirrel and then I really looked at it and I thought oh no that's been cut on," said Greenway.

She can't imagine who would want to do such a thing, especially after all the work it took to decorate her home.

"You put all your work in to decorate for Christmas and the money you put into it and the time you put into it and want people to see how beautiful they are and then you come home and they're destroyed," said Greenway.

Just five minutes down the road another home was vandalized the exact same way.

"We noticed one of our side lights were off so we checked it out and it looked like it had been cut," said Selina Harris.

Her lights had not been cut once but three times before she and her husband finally reported it.

"I noticed that two of the strands had actually been cut this time," said Harris.

She too, assumed it was a pesky critter but after the third time it had happened, she knew it was more than just a squirrel's late night snack.

"Then I looked at it and the angle and it almost looked like scissors or a utility knife had been used I mean it was so perfect so there's no chewing marks around it like that," said Harris.

Just like her neighbor down the road, the entire process of having to redo Christmas lights can pretty much be summed up in one word.

"It's really frustrating and I know some people may think it's silly to call about Christmas light you know there not THAT expensive but you know I just feel people should leave people's property alone," said Harris.

For both homes, they plan to fix up what has been destroyed and are hoping this is the last they'll have to see of cut wires and dead bulbs.

"I'm going to redo it and hopefully they won't come back and cut them again you know what I mean," said Harris.

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