Oil Trough Hopes For Help From The Army Corps of Engineers

July 12, 2004--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CDT

OIL TROUGH--Highway 14 heading towards Oil Trough was covered with water as spring storms battered parts of Region 8 in late April.

The roads and fields are dry for now, but folks in the area want to make sure they are prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in store.

"Jacksonport has a levy. You would think they would put one somewhere it would help at least,"said Oil Trough resident Ruby Jackson.

Billie Barber has lived on the White River over 60 years, and she says the flooding gets worse everytime it rains.

"We didn't know  the water was going to get as high as it did, and we also didn't know the water would come in as fast as it did. We didn't know it would put as much water over the town as it did,"said Barber.

Residents in Oil Trough are hoping the Corps of Engineers will be able to determine how to avoid such severe flooding like folks saw here in the spring.

The levees that are being built, and the roads that are being changed, we think, are what's causing this to happen,"said Barber.

Barber, and other Oil Trough residents,  want the Army Corps of Engineers to do a study on specifically what directions the water comes in, what causes it to rise so high, and what they can do to protect their property.

"If we don't have a levy built around this town one of these days, we are going to just be washed away. It is just that simple.  That is what will  happen,"said Barber.

John Kielczewski says if a study is commissioned, the Corps of Engineers would study the number of levees, how they are constructed and how the river flows during flooding.