Active weather expected across the area today, tonight

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It will be an active weather day across the Mid-South as a cold front pushes through bringing a chance of severe storms and then frozen precipitation.
The Storm Prediction Center placed southern and eastern portions of Arkansas under a slight risk of severe weather Sunday afternoon.  That's when the cold front will pass through the region, where warm, muggy air is currently in place.  The colliding air masses will have the potential to produce severe weather.  Hail is the main threat, but tornadoes cannot be ruled out.
Behind the cold front there is a mass of cold air that will push into the region.  It will likely move in before all of the rain has finished and that rain could turn to sleet or snow before the system moves out.  Temperatures are expected to be in the 60's across much of the region and then only to 32 degrees at its coldest.  With those temperatures, any snow or sleet accumulation will not last long and is not expected to stick to roads.
The cold front and any rain, sleet, or snow will be out of the region by mid Monday morning.  The Region 8 Storm Team is tracking the developing weather situation.  Any severe weather warnings will be shown across the bottom of the screen on KAIT TV, posted to the Region 8 News Facebook and Twitter pages, and sent to you via text message if you are signed up.  
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