Poinsett County Could Lose Election Funding

Posted July 12, 2004 @ 10:22 CDT

POINSETT COUNTY - Poinsett County is in jeopardy of losing its state election funding. In order for a county to receive election funds from the state each member of the county election commission has to sign a letter that basically says no rules were broken during the election process and everything was done fairly.

Wayne Schmidt is one of three Poinsett Co. Election Commissioners and the only Republican. He says he's not signing the letter because the Republicans are being cheated. Schmidt, made his voice heard at the Poinsett County courthouse in front of the Quorum Court. He says that the county's election laws are being violated. Wayne complains that the commission uses old-fashioned cardboard voting boxes that are unsecured and that the commission purposely meets during the early afternoon when he's at work. He says that no checks and balance exist because of this.

The two Democratic commissioners say they're just doing things the way they've always been done. They say Schmidt should send another Republican representative in his place to their meetings if he can't make it himself. Schmidt has taken his complaint to the State Board of Election Commissioners.

If the State Board declare Poinsett County in violation the county could lose about $20,000 in state funding.