The Christmas Tree Cat Caper...

The week off from work was wonderful. I soaked in time with my mother, came home to a Christmas Tree disaster involving a cat, and I was totally free from digital trappings (Facebook, twitter, email, etc.). It was great…minus the Christmas Tree Cat Caper.

Mom and I returned home from a trip on Wednesday and our tree had been toppled. Glass ornaments were shattered and the shatter-proof balls rolled everywhere. My hormones got the best of me, I cried over a silly tree. I was only a little worried the cat had hurt herself, but when she wouldn't come out of hiding I figured she was ok. She came out the next day, with a shake of the treat bag and the promise of good rubs, silly cat.  Bless her, she's the sweetest thing but dumber than a box of rocks and a little ugly to boot. I love on her every chance I get but she came pretty close to getting the boot outside with her kitty-sister. Mangy got a second chance, just like Tallulah.

To my little growing family that was the worst thing that happened last week, but I know so much worse happened in this community and across Region 8. It's a tree, after all.  I put it up again, swept up the broken glass, and re-decorated. Not everybody gets the chance to do that during a travesty. I was very, very lucky for something only so superficial to happen.

Today marks 70 days and counting! Each week seems to drag on and yet fly by at the same time. I've decided pregnancy doesn't necessarily agree with me, but that doesn't mean I can't wait for our baby boy to get here. I'm ready to see his sweet face and swaddle him in love!

Baby It Up, y'all!