Sunday storms surveyed to see severity

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - When Kelly Lanebaugh and his wife came home Sunday night they were shocked to find the house that they've been building, collapsed from the storm.

"Come home to a house that was gone that we've been working on for the last three years," said Kelly Lanebaugh.

Luckily, Lanebaugh and his wife were not home at the time of the destruction but with tornado warnings that were issued, they wondered what exactly caused the damage?

"Tornado winds high winds we weren't sure what it was," said Lanebaugh.

Benjamin Schott, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service, explained that damage like this, was not caused by a tornado.

"Here with the cold front moving through and what we're seeing here and everything in one direction, in a straight line, it looks like we're going to be calling this most likely a straight line wind damage event and not a tornadic event," said, Schott

Lanebaugh plans to rebuild his home. He says he's just thankful no one was hurt.

"We'll just rebuild the top of it, it's nothing we can't rebuild we just wasn't here, nobody was hurt that's the main thing," said Lanebaugh

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