CCSO investigating rash of burglaries

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - 'Tis the season for burglaries and it's ringing all too true for the Craighead County Sheriff's Department. Craighead County Sheriff Elect, Marty Boyd said his department pulled the burglaries from the past 3 weeks. In that time, they've had 5 burglaries.

"Mostly in the North part of the county, in the 700 range," Boyd told Region 8 News. He said he has more men patrolling that area after the burglaries that have happened.
"Ranging from computer equipment, electronics, TVs, money, jewelry and guns," Boyd said. The method of entry ranges. "Kicking the door in or breaking a window open."
Four of the five burglaries the sheriff's office is investigating have happened in the past four days. Three of those, within roughly three miles of each other.
"That's been the prime location, it seems like. That's where we've been stepping up patrols, trying to get more people on the street so we can run across these guys and hopefully catch them."
Boyd said witness information they've received could help them catch those criminals faster.
"It's a white SUV with a white male and a white female driving," Boyd said. "We've had two different individuals who have spotted that vehicle, that said it was strange or around the scene of where one of the burglaries have occurred."
But until they get the burglars off the street, they want residents to keep certain things in mind to keep their valuables safe.
"Y'know, if you're not home for extended periods of time, tell your neighbors. Let them be watching your property for you," he advised.
Especially with it being the holidays.
"People tend to get a new TV, put their box outside, or things they've recently gotten. Clean that stuff up, don't leave it sitting outside because when you do put a new box that you got a new 60 inch TV, unfortunately, you're telling somebody 'Look what we've got, brand new in our house,'" Boyd said.
The Craighead County Sheriff's Office advises that if you do see a white SUV matching the description given by witnesses, call the sheriff's department at (870) 935-4551.

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