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Judge denies change in George Zimmerman's bond conditions

George Zimmerman will still have to wear a GPS monitor and keep his travel confined to Seminole County. (Source: CNN) George Zimmerman will still have to wear a GPS monitor and keep his travel confined to Seminole County. (Source: CNN)

SEMINOLE COUNTY, FL (RNN) - A judge on Tuesday refused the alter the conditions of release for the man charged with the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

George Zimmerman - who was charged with second-degree murder - is still not allowed to leave the county and he will also continue to wear a GPS, according to the ruling of Circuit Judge Debra Nelson.

Zimmerman, 29, admitted to shooting 17-year-old Martin on Feb. 26 but claimed he did it in self-defense.

He has fully complied with all the conditions of release set by the previous judge in the case, according to defense attorney Mark O'Mara.

O'Mara said his client needed mobility to assure his safety, alleging that Zimmerman's car was "shot up" after the shooting. O'Mara also said his client wears a bulletproof vest for his safety and that Zimmerman's employer and officials at Seminole State Community College, where he was taking classes, essentially gave him the cold shoulder.

"I want to try it in a courtroom; I'm ready to try, but what I don't want to happen is for my client not to make it to the courtroom," O'Mara said. "We have a right to talk to you about the weight of the evidence or the lack of the weight of the evidence in determining a bond condition."

Prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda argued that the defense's motion was not consistent with several things they have done to draw attention to the case. He also said Zimmerman's appearances in court and in front of cameras did not support the claim that he was afraid for his safety.

At one point he sarcastically asked the court if they were there "to sign autographs."

"I respectfully disagree with what's been alleged in the motion," de la Rionda said.

A date has not been set for the next hearing, but it could be between early January and March. The trial date is June 10.

Zimmerman's team also asked Nelson during the hearing Tuesday to re-depose police investigator William Erwin, a request she granted. Erwin was present when police played 911 audio for Trayvon Martin's father, according to the defense.

At one point Nelson called a 10-minute recess because of the disagreement both sides had on the issue of the 911 recording.

Defense will also be allowed to review a recording of the interview conducted between Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump and Martin's girlfriend.

Nelson denied a request by O'Mara to access files from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement regarding the case until he had made a more specific request of which files he needed.

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