I feel like a zombie.

I think I have hit the "tired" wall of pregnancy. No, not hit it. More like slammed into the wall going 8000 mph. I've managed to keep a pretty good energy level until now, and with less than 10 weeks to go I'm beat. Too bad we can't store sleep and rest to use later! So if I'm not as perky as usual and maybe seem a tad crabby…you can guess why.

This week, I am working on another on-air segment for Baby It Up. A few weeks ago I interviewed Dr Reinhardt with Pediatric Associates in Jonesboro.  We talked about everything from immediate care of your baby through the well child visits in the first year, and he even gave a little extra advice.  I'm putting the final touches on that story and it will air tomorrow night at 5 PM on Region 8 News.

Stay warm today, guys. Thankfully the bitter cold air will ease up tomorrow and into the weekend.

Baby It Up!