Baby Annistyn's Story

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KAIT)- On November 28th Meghan Rackley and her husband took their two month old baby girl, Annistyn to their pediatrician, after they noticed her skin was turning yellow. Soon after, they were advised to take her to Le Bonheaur Hospital in Memphis.

"We were just there undergoing tests and they had to do a liver biopsy and blood work," said Meghan Rackley.

Several tests were done on baby Annistyn. After hours of waiting, the Rackley's were told Annistyn had a rare liver disease.

"A lot of different tests to rule out our worst fear was that she has a rare liver disease known as Biliary Atresia," said Rackley.

Baby Annistyn spent 12 days in the hospital-, undergoing a surgery that would temporarily help her liver.

"It's not a curative procedure it's just to buy her some time till she's big enough to get a transplant," said Rackley.

It wasn't long till word got around on little Annistyn. Their home town of Caruthersville soon came together to help raise money for the Rackley's baby girl.

"I've had children in Le Bonheur and I know what the expense can be and we just wanted to do something to help that family with their expenses," said Joplin's Owner, Sue Grantham.

Her business is selling chances on a Christmas wreath.

"All of the proceed will go to the Rackley family," said Grantham

Several other fundraisers are taking place this week including bake sales, BBQ's and T-shirt sales.

All of them are helping raise money for Annistyn.

"You know people say a lot of bad things about small towns but I just don't see how anyone could say anything bad about us, it's just amazing to be from a little area like this," said Rackley.

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