The Pediatrician

Yesterday evening during Region 8 News at 5 you saw me talk with a pediatrician, Dr. Richard Reinhard, III. I hope you learned a few things from him. I did. Your baby gets just as much care as you once he truly enters the world at the hospital. The nurses will evaluate your baby to determine if immediate care from the pediatrician is needed, or if all is well, the care may wait a few hours until rounds begin.

Well-child visits are vitally important in that first year of life, as well as having an excellent relationship with your pediatrician. You may think that taking your child to an urgent care clinic is just fine, but really, you should use someone who is specialized in the care of babies and young children. Talk to your friends and co-workers to determine who they like and may work best for you and your new family. Nurses, doctors, and the staff at any pediatric clinic will be willing to talk to you in order to determine if their facility is the right fit.

I'm working on the piece for next Wednesday by interviewing some fabulous women and spending their babies! Next week's focus will be on the first few days home from the hospital and going into the first few months.

Baby It Up!