How to eliminate the drafty spots in your home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - During winter, the furnace is the most-used appliance in the home.

A properly "breathing" household will help the heat reach every single corner.

Home Inspector Mark Jumper says to keep your vents and ducts clean and to change the air filter every three months.

"You actually have to have the proper amount of air coming into the unit, as in breathing, for the right amount of air to be going out of the unit. So you have to pay attention to where your return air vent is. Your return air vent is going to be where you change your little filter that gets the dirt in it."

Jumper says to check your windows and doors for drafts and seal around them to keep cold air out and prevent heat from escaping.

Caulking doesn't last forever in this wild Arkansas weather and should be replaced every other year.

"When those things start cracking open in the summer, of course, caulk dries out. The moisture in the caulk actually evaporates and you don't really know it. So every few years, you have to pay attention to your caulking."

You can also save money by closing off unused rooms and hanging curtains, but Jumper recommends to keep air flowing through the entire house by running ceiling fans.

"Even distribution of temperature. If it's not moving, you really have stagnated air."

Ceiling fans will keep air circulating and relieve stress on your A-C unit, helping it last longer.

"It will actually gain life to your unit in the long haul. A unit that might only last 8 to 10 years could last 20 years if you service it properly."

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