Gas price drop welcomed by drivers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The price at the pump has gone down to just under three dollars and drivers couldn't be happier.

"I love it. Plus if you shop at Kroger and you use your Kroger card, you get extra money off and I happened to get 30 cents off today so I'm really psyched about it," said Toni Robert.

For many families, this time of year consists of a lot of road tripping. If you're going to Grandma and Grandpas a couple hours away, the price at the pump won't put a big dent in your wallet.

"Last year this time it was high and everybody is on the road for the holidays and Christmas. It's really hard on everybody and so I'm glad to see it going down. Thank goodness," said Robert

No matter how often you fill up, the price under the unleaded sign might just put a smile on your face.

"I fill up every two weeks, so I'm thrilled to death that it's under 3 dollars," said Robert.

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