Police crack down on drinking and driving during holiday season

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Drinking and driving occurs more times in a year than it should but especially during the holidays. State Troopers are urging everyone this holiday season to remember it's better to be safe than sorry.

"It's somewhat more prevalent during all these Christmas parties. People forget they have to drive home sometimes when they get out to these parties but we just want to remind them, it would be a lot cheaper to call a cab or someone to come get you then to ride with us," said State Trooper, Sr. Cpl. Chuck Wilson.

State Troopers aware of how many drunk drivers they see on the road this time of year and they do plan accordingly.

"We do have a lot of federal highway safety overtime money that is at our disposal and we use that to increase our patrols," said Wilson.

It doesn't matter where you are headed, back roads, county roads, if you're drinking and driving, you will pay the consequences.

"Anywhere and everywhere, we look for them everywhere on the city streets, US and state highways, county roads. We work well in conjunction with the Jonesboro police, and the Craighead County Sheriff's office especially right here. It's a very concentrated effort to get these people off the highway that drink too much and try to drive," said Wilson.

That's not the only thing they're keeping an eye out for.

"Seat belt enforcement and DWI enforcement especially around the holidays season we really try to increase those. We want to try and do everything we can to get people to their destinations without any problems," said Wilson.

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