Top 10 Lists and YOU!!!

Okay…hear me out and then, give me your input!  I am working on Baby It Up planning for January and February and I want to do a piece on "the Top 10 things a Mom Needs". What are your ideas? This could range from a Top 10 list for what to do before the hospital, what to have when you bring baby home, to what you need in that first year. Or surprise me!

Talk to your girlfriends, moms, grandmothers and come up with a list. I may feature it on an upcoming segment of Baby It Up.  I want you to tell me and other new moms some of the best things you've come across to use, what helped you through the first few months with baby, and more. You are all smart women and fabulous moms, so put your thinking cap on and get to work.

Post comments below, or on my Facebook page (, or on the Region 8 News Facebook page.   I'll be giving you reminders once a week!

Baby It Up!