Community funded tornado siren arrives


Residents of one Cross County community have been waiting 2 years for one package to arrive.

A brand new tornado warning system was delivered Monday to Vanndale.

By the first of the year, one distinct wail of the siren will alert the people to take cover when the National Weather Service issues a tornado warning for this area of Cross County.

It cost over $12,000 and was fully funded by the people of Vanndale through a memorial fund.

Former fire chief Jerry Evans says the warning system was needed, despite problems trying to get federal funding.

"We don't get any tax money. We don't really get any federal. Well, the only federal aid we get is grants. We can't get many of them because we're unincorporated."

This small town is full of big hearts.

Evans says the siren will be dedicated to the memory of lost loved ones.

"We had a man that wanted to have a memorial for his daughter, so we sat down and decided, purchasing this with memorial money. Anybody that wants to donate to it or has donated to it, we're going to have a plaque on the wall."

It was a long road, and Evans says even more money is needed before the volunteer fire department can install the tornado siren.

"So far, we've got the biggest part of the money, but we're still in need of money. We still take donations in memory of whoever they want to take them in."

If you would like to donate to the city of Vanndale, contact Jerry Evans at 870-238-9010 or Clyde Carter at 870-238-3119.

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