GCT to implement "buzz-in" system in wake of CT tragedy

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - GCT's open door policy is out. A letter was sent home with students at GCT Primary Monday afternoon. The letter states that a "buzz-in" system will be put in place at the beginning of 2013.

Region 8 News asked GCT Primary parent, Aaron Dickison, if he thought security was ever an issue at the school.
"Sometimes, you just don't even think about it," Dickison said. "We never had even thought about it before this last week."
But in the wake of the Tragedy at Sandy Hook, Dickison said he and his wife were glad action was being taken at the school.
"We thought it was a great idea. We were really happy that they were implementing security," Dickison said.
Other parents have told Superintendent, Jerry Noble the same thing.
"I've had two or three [parents] that I've seen just today that have told me they're glad we're doing more," Noble said.
Doing more to keep the kids safe by implementing the "buzz-in" system before letting people into the building.
"They'll have to be buzzed in when they come to the front door. Identified and they'll have to show their ID before we allow anyone to enter," Noble explained.
This system is already in place at GCT High School and Noble told Region 8 News they talked last year about putting it in the other schools. 
"After the incident in Connecticut, we decided to just do it," he said.
"Video camera, monitor and also audio so we can communicate with people outside the door before we let them come in," Noble said.
Though he's not had parents complain yet, he said he's not concerned if they do.
"We didn't want to over-react but at the same time, there are copycats and things like that and we wanted to ease the minds of our parents."
Noble said though it's first being implemented at GCT Primary, it will eventually be in place at all of the schools in the Greene County Tech school system. School officials hope the system will be in place at GCT Primary on January 7th, 2013.
Noble also told Region 8 News they hope to get a School Resource Officer at the schools to add better protection in the school.

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