Piece Problems and Photo Fun!

I've had a few busy days and am sure you have, too. During the hustle and bustle of the holiday prep, three first-time moms sat down with me last week to talk about the first days home after delivery and then the next few months. I'm so glad the Lindsey, Marsha, and Kelly-Gwynne all talked to me!

This was actually their second interview for Baby It Up and I felt SO bad re-scheduling it with them. The first interview got lost in a system purge here at the station and we couldn't restore it. This hormonal pregnant lady was devastated! However, quick thinking and help from my sweet friend Amanda Hanson, and we got the interviews re-scheduled. This morning I had a bit of a moment when MORE of the video from this interview was gone from the system. But bless her, Amanda knew that this project has had some trouble with storing video, and she saved it on her camera cards. I was up and running again. Whew!

So this evening, the three moms and the adorable babies will fill you in on what their experience was like and offer a little advice. One of the biggest things: Have the diaper/changing station done. If the rest of your nursery isn't perfect…that's okay! Also, take as many pictures and videos of you can, with every time you get to see the baby in the hospital. Video every little moment, from that first grin to just anything your baby does that you think is cute. Even if only you and your partner watch it in the following years, it will be worth the effort.

That leads me to ask YOU to send me you babies' and kids' Christmas photos. I'd love to see your child's first Christmas, first New Year's Eve, etc. So many great photo ops await you over the next few days, and if some models verify in the long-range your baby might get to experience a first snow in the coming weeks! Send in your photos to the loop here on kait8.com.

Baby it up!