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Memphis, TN - by Randy Myers, News Assignment Manager

Lepanto Trio Charged in Kidnapping of Memphis Dancer

Harbin (Memphis PD) Harbin (Memphis PD)
Richards (Memphis PD) Richards (Memphis PD)
Tolliver (Memphis PD) Tolliver (Memphis PD)

JULY 14, 2004 - Posted at 12:30 p.m. CDT


MEMPHIS, TN - Three Lepanto men face several charges in Tennessee in connection with the July 4 kidnapping of a 34-year-old Memphis woman, identified as an employee of Babes Show Club, an exotic dancing establishment on Brooks Road in Memphis.

The suspects are identified as Corey Harbin, 21; William Tolliver, 20; and Ricky Richards, 25.

According to a police report released to KAIT by the Memphis Police Department, the woman "left the club with the three suspects."  The report further states, "She went riding with them after leaving the club.  During the ride the victim said that things started to get out of hand and she asked them to take her home, or at least back to the club.  They refused and began to beat her.  She begged them not to take her to Arkansas, and they took her there anyway against her will.  They stopped on the side of the road somewhere past West Memphis near Earle on Highway 118.  While they were stopped, suspect William Tolliver grabbed her, and dragged her out of the car, where he and suspect Ricky Richards beat her again.  It was then that Ricky Richards stabbed the victim in the neck.  She was able to describe the knife to police, but it has not yet been recovered.  She got up and tried to run away, but she was stabbed in the neck again by Ricky Richards."

The report further states that the victim alleges that she was continually stabbed and beaten by two of the suspects.  The suspects then allegedly left the scene, leaving the victim in a ditch.  The woman was eventually able to find a phone at a nearby house that was unoccupied at the time, and called 911.  Police say the victim was airlifted to Memphis, where she was hospitalized in extremely critical condition until last week.  She is now recovering from her injuries, and is expected to live.

Meanwhile, Harbin, Tolliver and Richards all face charges in Memphis of Especially Aggravated Kidnapping, Aggravated Rape, and Attempted Murder.  The three may face additional charges as well, including destruction of evidence. 

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