Kennett parents concerned after school didn't notify them of threat made by student

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) – After Kennett police released information about a threat received by Kennett Public Schools, some parents are concerned about why they never heard from the school district about the threat.

Renee Boyds said during the time her two sons and two daughters attended Kennett High School, she thought administrators could have done a better job of letting parents know about some of the incidents that occurred at the school.

"They had a couple threats that they did take action on, but still they should notify the parents and let the parents know what was going on, and the only way the parents found out is when the kids came home and they mentioned it," she said.

Current students' parents, who wanted to remain anonymous,  said they were not notified by KPS administration about a student's recent Facebook post that police considered threatening.

According to Kennett Chief of Police James Paine:

"Investigators learned that two weeks ago, a juvenile student made a Facebook post indicating that he was considering doing harm to others.  This post was since deleted, however a copy of it was sent to the administration at the Kennett High School."

Kennett police also questioned the student, searched the student's residence, and turned the case over to the Dunklin County Juvenile Office.

The investigation is still active, but police suggest the post was an empty threat. Shawna Squirers, a mother of two young children who will start school in a few years said she would have wanted to know about the incident.

"I want to know that my children are safe and comfortable going to school," she said.

"They still should let you know. If the parents only find out when the kids come home, and sometimes people can make a threat, it will be too late for the parents if that threat actually go through," said Boyds.

"You never know. You can't take things for granted these days."

Kennett Public Schools Superintendent Chris Wilson said he had no comment concerning parents' concern over not being notified.

Click here to read Supt. Wilson's initial statement regarding the incident and the complete statement from Kennett Chief of Police James Paine.

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