Mayor makes special trip to sign Newtown Banner

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-Region 8 residents have come out in droves to send residents of Newtown, Connecticut their thoughts and prayers.

A banner is sitting in the center court of the Mall at Turtle Creek in Jonesboro.

Sponsored by the Jonesboro Radio Group, Gibson's Sign Mart, The Mall at Turtle Creek, and KAIT Channel 8, this banner will soon be mailed to the Mayor of Newtown.

Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin made a special trip to the mall on Thursday to sign the banner, as well.

Perrin says the way the Region 8 community comes together is inspiring.

"Seeing that many signatures," Perrin said. "Having the number of sheets that we've got that we're going to be sending to them speaks real highly of this community. I've always said we're a very loving, benevolent community. Anything comes up like this, obviously we thought about our Westside shooting that happened many years ago. So, our hearts are pouring out to them because we know exactly how they feel."

Marketing Director for the Mall at Turtle Creek, Sarah McGavran, says the turn out has been large and fast.

"The traffic for this banner has been absolutely wonderful," McGavran said. "It was a story that broke everybody's heart and we were so happy to host this. It's a way that we can all show that our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with them."

Two banners are already full of signatures on both the front and back.

"I know they will feel comforted when they get this," Perrin said. "Because it comes from the heart from our community to their community."

Marked Tree teacher, Terri Ross, was getting some shopping done when she spotted the banner and stopped to leave a message.

"I'm a school teacher," Ross said. "So, I can sympathize with the other teachers that went through this horrific experience. I think that all teachers would do what the teachers in Connecticut did if it came down to that because I'm not sure the public realizes how much teachers actually love their students. And I think most of us would be willing to put our life on the line for them."

A third banner has been put out so Region 8 residents still have a chance to leave a message before it is sent off.

For more information about the Mall at Turtle Creek, log onto this website.

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